At Urban Flow, our purpose and passion lies in helping make your life easier and your employees happier. That's why we’ve come up with a modern approach to Mindfulness designed to teach your employees to be more productive and present in all areas of their life. Here are a few ways in which we can bring focus, balance, and engagement to your community.




Make some time in your week to pause with one of our meditation and mindfulness coaches. Learn how to be present, clear the mind and un-clutter your thoughts with a 15-minute discussion on mindfulness followed by a 15 minute guided mediation. All we need is a conference room or empty space and we will bring the Zen!

  • Explore a new mediation technique each week to help people find one that works best for them (ie: breathe work, visualisation, mantra, etc). 
  • Each participant will receive a mindfulness journal to track their progress and mindfulness journey.
  • Post mediation open discussions will provide a space for your employees to share and connect in a safe environment.  



Organise a fun lunch or after work event for your team to learn more about Mindfulness in today's technology driven world! These engaging, thought provoking and interactive workshops will help your employees step outside of the daily hamster wheel of thoughts and empower them to be the best version of themselves as they learn how to create space between external stimulus and their response.   

  • Choose from one of the workshops below and learn how mindfulness can help you be happier and more successful:
    • Mindfulness & Productivity
    • Mindfulness & Creativity
    • Mindfulness & Leadership
    • Mindfulness & Communication
    • Mindfulness & Team Building


mindfulness course

Whether you’re a time-poor working Mum or stressed out CEO, we all could benefit from a little more head space. Each day you will be introduced to a new element of mindfulness and tasked with the challenge to incorporate it into your daily life. After all, when it comes to reaping the benefits from this ancient practice, consistency is the key!

  • Learn at your own pace on your own time with the convenience of your own computer, tablet or iphone.
  • Unlimited user accessibility allows you to pay one flat rate and share the link to all your employees (great if you have a large company!).
  • Access to our online worksheets and tools.
  • Includes guided Mindfulness Meditation practices available for MP3 download.