Doing vs. Being

It seems like in today's society we put so much value on getting things done that we become consumed by this drive to "do more" and tick off as many items off the "to-do" list. Our brain love's a good to-do list and is happy to spend the whole day trying to tick off as many items on it as possible. But when we spend the majority of our day in our heads we can start to loose touch with our heart. We become so busy with the act of "doing" that the art of "being" get's lost or overshadowed. My challenge for you is to make a "to-be" list and write down 5 thing's you would like to be. At the end of your day, pull that list back out and reflect on the moments in your day when you practiced that quality and jot them down. To kick it off I'll share with you my "To-Be" list for today:

1) Be Mindful 🙏

2) Be Patient ✋️

3) Be Focused 👇

4) Be Helpful 👐

5) Be Kind ✌️

What's on you're "To Be" List?

-Katie Lavidge

Katie Lavidge